Sunday, 18 July 2010

Run for Life - 07/2010

Most of you know, Mike does the racing while I take photos and cheer him up (and occasionally tell him off for keeping me waiting for too long) but twice a year I put the trainers on, don't complain and take part in woman's 5K cancer race in Hyde Park.

This time the race was on 18th July so I turned up together with 12.5k thousands womans in Hyde Park. I wish I could say that I've arrived full of an enthusiasm but honestly speaking I was petrified. I go to the gym occasionally but I don't run so 5K seems a long way to go.

under eye of my trainer Mike, I had a proper warm up
I was surprised to discover that I copy Mike's behaviour so much - it turns out I can't run without starring at GPS and checking the stats every km.

light run was followed by stretching

and time arrived where I had to walk to the start line

and face 5K

5K turned out to be not too scary. Reading the messages on the T-Shirts of the competitors dedicated to love one who won/loss battle with cancer was taking my mind out and suddenly 5k distance is nothing in compare what the cancer victims have to go through.

Hope some of you, who read this blog decide to take part or come to cheer us up next time - not to get PB just to try something different, remember love one and have a picnic afterwards.

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