Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Adelaide - Australia week 2/3

For the first time during our trip we stayed in one place for 10 days. We were staying with Alex’s aunt and it was nice to have a proper bed for the night and eat some home cooked food. Needless to say I’ve managed to put on almost ½ stone of weight despite running and swimming everyday. I’m sure Karl will be happy with my progress if he’s reading this.
We were staying in an idyllic location near the old Adelaide Harbor and only 1km from the magnificent Semaphore beach. The trendy beachside of Adelaide seems to be Glenelg, but both Daniel (Alex’s brother) and I think that Semaphore beach is much nicer (and much more quiet).

I really like Adelaide with it’s very laid back atmosphere. It may not be as trendy as Melbourne or Sydney, but it certainly makes up for it with it’s atmosphere and the numerous cultural and sporting event throughout the year. Head over to my training blog for the coverage of the Tour Down Under cycling race.
The best thing about Adelaide is it’s steady dry and sunny weather and the surrounding countryside with the Adelaide Hills, including Mt Lofty with a fantastic wildlife park and some great walks, and some of the world famous wine regions of the Barrossa Valley and McLaren Valley in close proximity.

Our days in Adelaide passed surprisingly quickly with a daily run a customary walk to the beach in the evening for a sea swim and trips to Mt Lofty, the McLaren Valley and to see the Tour and a local triathlon.

We were both sad to have to leave Adelaide, but I hope we will be back.
We’re now off to Western Australia and Darwin in the Northern Territory and then to Asia for our final leg of the journey. I can’t believe the time has passed so quickly and soon it will be time to return…


KarlW said...

1/2 a stone!!!

I'm happy!

MichaelK said...

Mike is not and it drives me crazy

few more days like that and I will be begging him to go for a run (long one)