Sunday, 13 July 2014

London to Brighton - 2014/07

The preparations to the night bike ride from London to Brighton were not standard as we spent most of the day sorting out the garden - guess you could call it pre-race warm up. At 22:47 we boarded the train to central London all wearing reflective gears - looking almost like a Xmas tree and our adventure began.

The start was from Tower Bridge just after midnight. The roads were quite busy plus many red traffic lights and going through narrow streets made the 1st section of the ride probably the less enjoyable.
The first aid station was on the 18 mile - coincidently this was at the top of our street, very tempting to cycle down the street and jump in the bed as it was getting to 2am at the time but we've resisted and carried on but I'm not sure if this still be the case if it started raining earlier.
Brighton greeted as with grey morning and rain - not the welcome we were hopping for but at least we were not too cold. It started raining less than 10 miles before the finish so from that perspective we have been lucky - according to the forecast it should be raining since midnight. 
We glad to finish and each of us achieved something, for Orest it was the longest ride ever, for Mike it was the slowest ride ever and I was glad just to finish it.

Pleased with the medals we decided to reward ourselves and headed for fish & chips - not much choice at 7am but we found the place opened (average food but we didn't care - we were sitting on the chair instead of saddle and even crappy chips were better than the gels). 

Stats from the ride
distance:                             107km (65 M)
time start to finish:               5:41 godz
ride time:                            5:05 godz
calories:                             3,500
elevation                            1,197 m
avg speed                          21.4 km/hr (including stops 18.7 km/hr)

That would be it from our ride. Next adventure USA.

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